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Is your plumbing system protected from the cold weather ahead? Common plumbing problems homeowners experience during the winter involve frozen pipes. This can cost thousands of dollars in damage if not caught in time. Fortunately, you have a local Saskatoon & Area frozen pipe repair team ready to assist with frozen pipe emergencies.


Most frozen water pipes occur in areas where the pipes are not properly insulated, such as the garage, crawl spaces, and non-insulated outside walls.

In some cases, pipes underneath sinks or in basements are the first to burst. With even the tiniest of cracks, a pipe can disperse as much as 250 gallons of water within 24 hours, which can lead to thousands of dollars in property damage. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly believe that only certain types of pipes, such as older metal or copper pipes, will burst. However, any pipe that freezes can burst, whether it’s copper, steel, or PVC.

How Can You Avoid This Problem in the Future?

Not only will we help you repair frozen pipes, but we will also advise you on ways to prevent this problem from happening again.
Make sure the heat is turned on no lower than 15 degrees Celsius
Open all cabinet doors under sinks in your bathroom and kitchen to allow heat to reach the pipes inside.
Let a small trickle of water drip from your faucets to keep the lines open
Insulate all exposed pipes, or wrap them in heat tape.
By following these tips, you can avoid the mess and inconvenience of frozen pipes.